Our human family thrives on interdependent, mutually beneficial, team leadership.  When we nurture humility rather than pride, gratitude rather than ego, honor rather than mediocrity, trust rather than suspicion, we become much more empowered individuals.

We all have a unique spiritual story and journey.  When we share those experiences we see invisible threads flowing together with our fellow travelers.  We often discover that it’s not until we open up and speak about our journey that we understand and receive revelation about our experiences and purpose.  Studying Torah and learning about Mashiyach is how we tune our spirit with the Ruach (Spirit) haKodesh (the Set Apart).  Once we are tuned in we can listen and receive.  Every human soul is also a Neshama (human spirit) and therefore has what it takes to experience the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are “spiritual receivers.”  I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t be trained to hear the spiritual worlds.

The Living Torah focuses on nurturing our “spiritual receivers” and increasing our spiritual consciousness.  As one famous author put it, “The Torah is spiritual but I am carnal” (Romans 7:14).  Each of us must be stretched beyond emotion and intellect to enter The Living Torah.  We must never let religion or theologians tell us what Torah is, or what Torah means for our lives, the answers must come to us from the Author of Life Himself.  There is an immediate and imperative need for us to apply The Living Torah (YHWH’s Instructions) to our lives, and to receive true discernment.

As the Ruach haKodesh (Spirit of the Set Apart One) guides, I pray you not only join the discussion but deeply desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to others.  It takes courage to be true to oneself and be that unique person of YHWH He created each of us to be.  Even simple beginnings right here and now can launch that Divine connection within you.

The Living Torah is the focus, not a man, a ministry, a vision… nothing like that.  Many are leaving religion to experience an awesome new Messianic Consciousness.  But for that to happen man’s religious identities must decrease, the pride of intellectualism and emotionalism must yield to the Fruit of the Spirit.  All the popular social and religious identities that are not centered on Mashiyach are illusions, and those illusions are destroying our human family and our earth.

Why is it that many who exemplify love, like Mashiyach himself, are martyred by rich, famous, influential, religious people?  From the time Paul began teaching the Kingdom of Heaven his religious colleagues wanted to kill him, a great statesman and politician finally martyred him.  Why?  Why is the Kingdom of Heaven such a threat to man-made authority?  Why do so many religious leaders feel they need to play god to be relevant and important to their flocks?

There will never be a religious revival that will bring love, peace and goodness to our Human Family.  Religious revivals are a hoax.  They are religious marketing plans that promise hope and change, just like politicians before an election.  Religion by its own nature is discrimination… a set of rules, doctrines, teachings, and religious identity that strokes egos rather than produce servanthood to our human family on behalf of Mashiyach.  Every religious revival ended with it’s leaders making war with teach other and fighting for power, prestige, recognition (credit) and religious authority, and then… the sheep (followers) were smitten by more “them against us” religiosity.

Religion is an addiction that is harder to break than gambling, gossiping, porn, alcoholism, drugs, pride or greed, because the religious spirit uses its “holy book” to feed its addiction.  Each time a religious zealot opens the Bible a spirit of pride affirms the doctrinal reasons for their discrimination, hate the Jews who killed Jesus, hate the Christians who hate Jews, hate Hollywood, hate Obama, hate evolutionists, hate homosexuals, hate the Muslims, good God-bad devil, good Christians go to heaven everyone else goes to hell, etc.  Religious addiction is a god-sized habit that takes Divine power to break free of.  Religious spirits quote Bible verses and sing praise and worship to their religious idols.  It’s now become a religious cliché for religious people to say they aren’t religious… they “just love the Lord” but many bear the fruit of fear-based, hellacious, discriminatory, conspiracy theory, anti-Torah religion.  Religion needs a heart transplant, unrighteousness needs a makeover.

Listen to the Spirit of Mashiyach.  Can you hear the still small voice that is telling us to love our human family, regardless of race, religion, color, creed or identity?  What is your inner voice saying to you now?  Is your heart and mind bringing you towards love and service and being an encouragement to our human family, or do just a select few deserve your love?

You’ve probably heard about the epidemic problem of pastors being snared by internet pornography, one writer has referred to porn as the “new drug of choice”.  Ministries are popping up like mushrooms to try to clean up the carnage in the wake of the $100,000,000,000 (hundred billion) Made-in-America pornography industry.  The largest audience for porn is now 12-17 year olds.  What can you do if your pastor or you are addicted to religion or porn?  How would you overcome it?  What if it is gambling?  If God really wanted you to win the lottery you would only need one ticket.  Why do religious people keep buying lottery tickets?  Religious pride?  Can people enter the Kingdom of Heaven with religious pride?  No. Master YHWH hates religious pride.  Will gossipers enter into the Kingdom of Heaven?  Nope.  Gossip and slander is rampant in religious circles.  Religion calls evil good and it calls good evil.

The ten thousand pound elephant sitting on the kitchen table is religious tradition, religious spirits and religious leaders who refuse to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Living Torah is not about more theology, it’s about receiving empowerment in our spiritual person to come out of dead egocentric religious identities and receive the Kingdom of Heaven.  It’s a wonderfully beautiful thing.  Torah is a mirror to the soul, but it’s not an easy thing to face our demons.  What religion does is band those with “familiar spirits” together, “Jewish pride”, ”Torah pride”, “Christian pride”, ”Jesus pride”, “Muslim pride”, “Hebraic Roots pride”, “Religious pride”, into unique but similar fashion shows that perform on the runway of dead religion.  Most rabbis, pastors and priests won’t enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no way they can bring anyone into the Kingdom of Heaven while on the outside.  One must live within the Kingdom of Heaven to bring others in.

Religion stands outside of the Kingdom of Heaven and talks about the ideals of the Kingdom, talks about circumcision of the heart, being “born again” or “converted” etc, all religious clichés.  The emergent trend is to make synagogue and church feel more comfortable and trendy, hip, have a good band, think of fun things to do so everyone feels welcome and entertained while truth and righteousness live a lonely and wretched life.

Ever hear compelling leaders tell you to serve a cause greater than yourself?  Give more?  Cash in your retirement funds to give to their vision?  Put another zero at the end of your donation for their cause?  I hope you recognize wicked and malicious leaders when you see them.  Most politicians, religious leaders, and con-artists are selfishly against our human family.  YOU are the cause.  You were not created to feed a cause.  It was for our human family that YHWH put the Tree of Life AND the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.  It was for the human family that Torah was given and that Mashiyach brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

Once you recognize who you are in Mashiyach you will see religion and false authority for what it is… just a false illusion.  You will experience the beauty of The Living Torah according to your spiritual nature, you will see the purpose of life in the Kingdom of Heaven and Torah is the Charter of this Kingdom.

May the Righteousness of Mashiyach and Power of The Living Torah be vitally alive within you.  May the Master of the Universe, our Father YHWH use you to reach others for the Kingdom of Heaven.

B’Shem (in the name of) Y’shua Mashiyach,

Shalom & Blessings,

Baruch Ben Daniel

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