Aramaic Geneaology of Matthew and Luke

The Aramaic Solution to the Conflicting Geneaologies of Y’shua

by Paul David Younan, of

• Why are there only 13 generations from the Captivity of Babylon to Y’shua, in Matthew’s
account when the text clearly states there need to be 14 generations?
• Why does Luke list 20 generations in the second series, and 22 in the third? If this is the same
Joseph, why isn’t there also 14 generations in the second and third series of Luke?
• Why do the lineages of Joseph, the husband of Mary, almost completely differ in the two accounts?
• How can Y’shua be the Son of David, if Mary is not a daughter of David?
• If both Matthew and Luke give the genealogy of Joseph, the one through the lineage of
Solomon, the other through Nathan – how can the lines converge in Joseph? How can Joseph
claim descent from King David, through both Nathan and Solomon?

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  1. Sheila McLaughlin says:

    there are two yosephs, father and son-in-law. mis-translated from the Aramaic to the greek. Father Yoseph descended from Solomon (Shlomo) and husband Yoseph descended from Nathan, Shlomo’s brother.

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