Halleluyah for the new site!

The Living Torah website has just been revamped mucho thanks to Zachary Bruno.  It’s much more fun now, it doesn’t take so long to load content and doesn’t crash like the old site.  Yeah!!!  Abba YHWH willing we’ll have some smooth sailing as new content goes up and I’m much looking forward to growing our community.  Btw, those photos in the reel are temp placeholders to ad a lil’color.

Halleluyah!!!  The AENT 5th Edition is on the way, here’s a very wonderful verse and footnote on Acts 2:47 that I’m believing for our Torah loving family, “they were praising Elohim while finding favor before all the people. And everyday our Master (Y’shua) would add to those who lived among the congregation.”

Favor is one of many words that conveys the spiritual elegance and beauty that we share among ourselves and between our Heavenly Father and His Mashiyach.  In the Hebrew Scriptures, chen (grace and favor), techinna (grace and supplication), chanan (grace and mercy), ratsown (favor and acceptance), tov (goodness and favor), yatab (wellness and favor), chesed (mercy, kindness and favor), shalom (peace, wellness, favor), racham (mercy, compassion, favor) and chamal (pity and favor) are some of the ways this favor is conveyed.  Finding favor before all people refers to the inner spirituality of relationship. When the Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven came to Israel it was a relationship.  When it went to Greece it was a philosophy. It became an organization in Rome, in Europe it became a culture.  Finally, it became a business in America.  Through the Ruach haKodesh we can take the focus off material things and return to a Faith based relationship with YHWH as it is written, “They shall be My people, and I will be their Elohim, in truth and in righteousness”  Zechariah 8:8.

YHWH be with you,

Baruch Ben Daniel

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Shalom Chaverim, I'm originally from Vernon BC Canada, I've been in the Netzari Faith since I was born (1960) and greatly enjoy seeing YHWH's Mighty Arm bringing hundreds of thousands of people back into the Faith Once Delivered.
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  1. carmen bruno says:

    Shalom Baruch Ben Daniel, yes the site looks much improved. I’m so glad that Zachary had the opportunity to work with you and on your site, with other like minded people who are in the body. Blessings in our Messiah Yeshua, Carmen

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