Identifying the Remnant: Jean Claude Chevalme

Jean Claude provides excellent foundational Scriptures for the identity of the Remnant in these days. This is a 5 part teaching.

Disclaimer: When each video ends YouTube places random video selections on the screen, pleased don’t click on those, they are not properly sequenced and we’ve seen some videos that are not helpful. Thank you. Baruch.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

About Baruch Ben Daniel

Shalom Chaverim, I'm originally from Vernon BC Canada, I've been in the Netzari Faith since I was born (1960) and greatly enjoy seeing YHWH's Mighty Arm bringing hundreds of thousands of people back into the Faith Once Delivered.
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2 Responses to Identifying the Remnant: Jean Claude Chevalme

  1. annel hill says:

    I totally agree, there is so much division on the Rapture,Torah Keeping
    , Saturday Sabbath, & the Two House Theory…so much confusion one begins to wonder what is the TRUTH and all base it on ScripTURE!

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  2. Karen Jacks says:

    Jean Claude Chevalme is a powerfully eloquent teacher on the subject of the “Rapture”. He speaks of the need for our preparation and bravery. We need to get the story straight!

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