Is Hanukkah Scriptural: Andrew Gabriel Roth

Andrew Gabriel Roth takes you on a journey through Hanukkah and Christmas like never before. What does the timing of the Dedication of the Temple have to do with Yeshua’s birth? You already know that Jesus wasn’t born on Christmas day… but what DID happen? For more teachings visit www.GLC.US.COM and www.ONEFAITHONEPEOPLE.COM

Disclaimer: When each video ends YouTube places random video selections on the screen, pleased don’t click on those, they are not properly sequenced and we’ve seen some videos that are not helpful.  Thank you.  Baruch.

Part 1

Part 2

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Shalom Chaverim, I'm originally from Vernon BC Canada, I've been in the Netzari Faith since I was born (1960) and greatly enjoy seeing YHWH's Mighty Arm bringing hundreds of thousands of people back into the Faith Once Delivered.
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