The Nature of Messiah: Andrew Gabriel Roth

Andrew Gabriel Roth discusses the Nature of Mashiyach (Messiah) from a Hebrew and Aramaic perspective at the 2011 Hawaii Hanukkah Conference. This study can bring much unity to those who are divided on the issue of “the Godhead” simply because the Torah (Instructions of YHWH) provide a fuller and deeper meaning that the Greek New Testament alone. Visit

Disclaimer: When each video ends YouTube places random video selections on the screen, pleased don’t click on those, they are not properly sequenced and we’ve seen some videos that are  not helpful.  Thank you.  Baruch.

Part 1

Part 2

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Shalom Chaverim, I'm originally from Vernon BC Canada, I've been in the Netzari Faith since I was born (1960) and greatly enjoy seeing YHWH's Mighty Arm bringing hundreds of thousands of people back into the Faith Once Delivered.
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4 Responses to The Nature of Messiah: Andrew Gabriel Roth

  1. Renee Weigel says:

    Thank you Andrew I appreciate your teaching so much on the Nature of the Messiah. I was sharing a few weeks back on this very topic trying to explain the Godhead vs. Trinity teaching- I lost a friend of 37 years over it-really!
    But I am grateful for your willing servant heart to the Body of Messiah- you have helped me grow!
    YHVH bless you!
    Todah raba

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  2. Sue Phillips says:

    This is a great, great video teaching. Thank you so much. It’s too bad that we can’t hear the questions these folk are posing. Is there a way you could ‘pass the mic’ when you do this?

    My brother and I are gaining much insight into the issue of dealing with all the arguments that come from christians. Our 91 year old father is a stuanch, stuck-in-the-mud (and it IS mire) Baptist. He refuses to listen to truth, prefering his warped twisted christo-pagan doctrine because to do anything else would mean forfeiting his position in the kirk. He’s good buds with the paaaaastor and that makes him more important than the guy in the pew next to him. At one point he was calling je-zeus by His real name – Y’shua. But he took this information to his paaaaastor and after that he refused to have anything more to do with ‘jewish stuff’. My brother and I (and our children & grandchildren) are under a curse now and apparently have lost our salvation!

    I shake my head daily at the WILLFUL blindness. I just don’t get it… flat out REFUSE to even consider or read or check it out. He’s an educated man, a professional, and yet is completely missing it out of PRIDE. The more we try to show him, the more he struggles against us – and becomes more and more stuck in the quicksand. He is the epitome of everything you mention when you bring up what christians do/don’t believe in AENT appendices. WOW!

    A Baptist is harder to reach than the most down-and-out reprobate on the street who’s never had a moment’s teaching or even given YHWH a moment’s thought. We’re dealing with a powerful spirit of religion who isn’t going to give up easily.

    Anyway, again…your teaching is like fresh manna and we thank you for it.


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    • Shalom dear Sue, todah rabbah for your kind words, I pray that the religious spirit will be broken. This reminded me of a brother who would drive 5 hours (from BC interior) to come for Shabbat fellowship, very dedicated to the Kingdom, his father was a pastor who also life very miserable for him… but then his father retired and had plenty of time to read the AENT and compare notes. One weekend a brother and I drove up for a visit, I ended spending most of the Shabbat with his father, this two sons had it all arranged. His father had prayed and opened his heart to YHWH and he entered into the deepest and greatest relationship with Abba YHWH that he had ever known, within a year he passed away a changed man. Let’s join our prayers for your dad and his pastor… this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting. Family are often the hardest to minister to, let’s ask YHWH to bring someone else to confirm the Truth you have been planting. B’Shem Y’shua. Amein.

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      • Larry Grizzard says:

        Sue, I am of the Old Baptist and they (all Baptist are hard and convinced they know that they know). However the Spirit and the Word can change anyone. It changed me and is still on the job, thanks to YHWH. Let your dad become concerned with you and the brother, let him have a copy of the Word AENT. Maybe the Spirit will lead him to read to prove you wrong, and a change can be had with the Will of the Lord. Let go, let God…


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