Torah Portions

Torah Portions

Hundreds of thousands of Christians are beginning to understand the vital importance of the weekly Torah readings.  Each and every week there is something upclose and personal for each individual to enter into.  Each week we are offered new insights and new tools for our lives to prosper us in both the material and spiritual worlds.  Let’s face it.  If we have not become “more that conquerors” in the material world it will hold back our spiritual growth… and vice versa.

Whether you are a steward of billions or struggling financially both of these scenarios could put stress on your spiritual life, I’ve been in the company of those in both worlds.  I recall when a friend put 600 million US dollar bonds in my hands to pray for him and his investments that would require several billion dollars to achieve, another friend was sleeping in his car when I met him, no money, no vision, no hope for his life… and it was by our Father’s kindness that I was invited to pray for, counsel and bring YHWH’s will into their decisions.

Each week the Torah Portion reveal the will of YHWH for our lives.  We must not go through life being unsure of what we are doing.  We must not live a mundane or petty life.  We are called to be disciples. multitudes of souls are discovering their divine purpose has been hidden by not understanding YHWH and His Mashiyach through His Living Torah.  We are being called out of “Babylon My People” in all its forms.  Traditional religious thinking about Torah is often myopic and lacking elements of empowerment… there is a much more excellent way… seeing Torah through Mashiyach.


B’shem Y’shua,


Torah literally means “instruction in righteousness” and it is the “Nature” of Elohim.   Why do people reject Torah?  The main reason is because the enemy doesn’t want YHWH’s people to be knowledgeable and empowered in who they really are.

“Y’shua brought the Kingdom of Heaven to this earth… but the Devil turned it into a religion.”  Torah belongs to all souls.  Torah is the charter of righteousness that undergirds all living things because Mashiyach is the Word made flesh and all things were made by, for and through Mashiyach.

For an introduction to Torah please visit Doorways to Wisdom on GLC and check out the various teachers as well as my own portions.  This is a 1 hour program that provides the basics of applied Torah to our lives.  Lech Lecha is a portion that reveals the need of “going to yourself” and discovering how Mashiyach can live inside of each of us.  Judaism claims to focus on Torah and Christianity claims to focus on Mashiyach but the fact is both are misrepresented when they are not echad (one) revelation that comliment one another.

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