Yisrael for Pesach

Shalom dear Mishpocha,

Pardon moi for the lengthy periods between posts.  As most of you know we are setting up a state of the art TV studio here in Vancouver BC Canada, this has consumed a huge amount of time but I’m REALLY, REALLY looking forward to producing a bunch of new programs, finishing the AENT documentary we started last year, and seeing a whole bunch of other projects come to fruition.

Right now my attention is focused on our work in Israel, YHWH willing we will post some videos during Pesach.  Andrew Gabriel Roth and I did a bunch of taping last Succoth but, but me being a novice camera guy, the sound wasn’t so good and I didn’t want to post low quality content… after working with the pros at God’s Learning Channel I now know how to produce very high quality audio and video.  HalleluYah!!!  Hallelu!!!

I just finished taping a radio show with brother Andre’ from Ruach Broadcasting in Australia… I believe it will air within a few days, other than that I haven’t done any radio or tv for a while… but that’s going to change in a big way very soon.

If you are planning to be in Israel April 4 – 23rd and are interested in fellow please let me know, would love to fellowship with you in haEretz.  If you need a place to celebrate Pesach in Jerusalem please let me know asap we do have a few places available.

Shalom U’Vrachot,


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Shalom Chaverim, I'm originally from Vernon BC Canada, I've been in the Netzari Faith since I was born (1960) and greatly enjoy seeing YHWH's Mighty Arm bringing hundreds of thousands of people back into the Faith Once Delivered.
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